Wednesday, March 5, 2014

First impression - Meh...

Note: I haven't used this software yet. It's getting pretty late, so I'm just writing a quick first impression. It will probably change once I get digging. I've seen better interface to be honest.

Like many of the confusion, I don't know quite what some of the tabs do. But I'm assuming they work the same way like many of the backlinking tools out there.

Oz didn't show the bottom portion because of the sensitive information, but I have it here because I haven't input anything yet.

You basically have 9 social sites in the Network Activation tab that you need to probably sign up for beforehand. (tedious)

The biometrics tab is obvious--biography of the person.

Content Syndication and Backlink syndication are your Web2, directories, etc. submissions. When I hover over the tab, it displays a sentence of what it does.

I guess the only confusing one would be the Traffic Acceleration tab. I won't finish it here, but do another post of it tomorrow.

I'm not a popular SEO guru to be authoritative on this software, but I am like most of you. So this is  my take on this software. It is another backlinking program. However it tries to be different with nomenclatures, which simply makes it too confusing. I like the simplicity of the UI, but it needs to be a bit more newbie friendly, explaining what the user is click or typing in.

I can really see that this program is still in its early stage, so let's give it some more time.


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  2. How does it work with using only one article?

  3. How does it work with using only one article?